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Values of Our People

Integrity -- With unyielding integrity, we are committed to the highest professional ethics in everything we do (in dealing with the government officials, our clients and our employees) ...

Passion to Success -- Although everything is difficult in China, we strongly believe that, with our strong self-confidence and desire to win and by working closely with our clients as one team, we can turn many impossible into reality ...

Think Out-Of-The-Box -- At Hendersen, we put our imagination at work in searching creative ways to add value to our clients... By going beyond Tax or any other one particular function, we not only identify opportunities, but also turn them into $$$ values for our clients...

Speed -- At Hendersen, we know the value of speed. Indeed, prompt and effective response to our clients is a key competitive differentiator which separates Hendersen from other service firms. In the eyes of our clients, quick turn-around time also shows that we have the professional expertise, self-confidence, and more importantly, we care deeply about them.

Simplicity - To be simple is complicated, and to be complicated is simple ... No clients want to read fifty-page reports. With strong self-confidence and years of practical experience, we are able to clearly explain some complicated matters in simple, plain English. And by staying focused and keeping things simple, we help our clients to move faster, leaner and smarter even as they grow bigger.

Take Charge -- Lead proactively, take the ownership and be responsive to our clients matters. Not only pointing out all the issues/risks to our clients, but also find practical solutions/recommendations and make tough business decisions. Follow-Through -- Not only we provide our clients with value-added advice, but also help them to implement them. To Hendersen, those "great advice" would mean nothing without flawless follow-up in implementing. As a part of our total solution, we often work closely with our clients to close out all the open action items...

Get Connected -- At Hendersen, all of our partners, managers and staff are required to be connected, effectively connected with our clients. Only by possessing in-depth knowledge and understanding or their business operations, and by working with them as one team, we can add value to our clients, and become their partners for growth.

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