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Values of Our Firm

The center of our values can be summarized by 3-H, as our logo indicates:

High quality Services

Hendersen is a firm formed by partners and managers from the Big-4 accounting firms (mainly the legacy AA) and multinational companies (such as GE). With the extensive exposures to world-class clients and hands-on experiences in various industrial businesses, our technical and industrial expertise as well as practical experiences are simply among the top class in China.

High Integrity

Integrity is in the center of Hendersen values. We require our employees to follow world-class ethic standards and handle all client information and communications in a professional manner. We made significant investments in our employee professional ethics trainings. Integrity is a key consideration when we select our employees, partners as well as clients.

High Value-added

We are committed to create value to our clients by thinking out-of-the-box. We help our clients to identify issues and opportunities, and more importantly, offer solutions.

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