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Mission and Vision

We are a group of experienced professionals who used to work for the top fortune 100 companiesand the big 4 accounting firms. We are committed to add value - tremendous value - to our clients.

Our Mission

To be the partner of success of our clients, employees and stakeholders

Our Vision

To become the consummate advisor with the ability to provide the world-class consulting services to multinationals and companies of all size.

In today¡¯s marketplace, we noticed that there are two separate groups of business consulting advisors. In one corner, there are big 4 accounting firms who can offer high-quality services at a rate of several hundred US dollars per hour, and in another, there are thousands local firms which charge ten-times less, but are lack of ability to service multinational companies.

Many CEOs and CFOs have indicated that they'd very much like to see some new comers/business advisors to fill the huge gap created by the Big 4 and the local firms.

To us, that is the Voice of Customers. At Hendersen, we are determined to listen to our customers, and to intimately understand their business operations and needs, and take creative and proactive steps to add value to our clients

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